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At The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit we offer many methods to effectively support patients and clients as they regain, maintain and expand their health and wellbeing.

We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings and our health and healing is dependent on all of these factors.

You, the patient/client set the pace, the start and end point.


Thoughts and Emotions:

   Is your self talk supporting or sabotaging your well-being?  Are you living the life you want?  Are you connected to your inner wisdom?   Anxiety, depression and chronic pain may be signs of stress related to what you think and feel about the world and yourself.  Life coaching helps you develop strategies, create a plan, and live to your highest potential.



  Chiropractic has a focus on your structural problems, problems related to structural alignment, muscles, joints and ligaments. Massage is a gift you give yourself, relax, refresh, and renew.


  Food is fuel.  What kind of fuel are you putting into your body?  How is your body using the fuel it receives?  Many diseased and stressed states respond to nutritional adjustment.


    Energy medicine like Healing Touch and Reiki focus on your body’s subtle systems.  Included in the body's systems is one accessed in the more than 2,000 year old practice of Acupuncture.  Acupuncture is successfully used as an adjunct or an alternative to treat an ever growing list of disorders.



  Our goal is to practice, serve and guide in ways that cultivate awareness, insight, empathy, and wisdom.  We do this by offering training in yoga, meditation and breathwork, past life regression, shamanic journey work, and counsel.